Junior High School academic curriculum

• KCIS Hsinchu students follow the Common Core State Standards (CCSS-USA) for all of their Literature and Language Arts.

Junior High School Courses Offered

▪ Literature & Language Arts

▪ Literature

Students who attend literature classes are immersed in a variety of literary texts, including novels, short fiction and nonfiction. The goal of the classes is to improve vocabulary, reading comprehension skills, and knowledge of literature. Beyond this, students develop their ability to reflect on the texts to synthesize the information learned, to express thoughts, opinions, and ideas in written, artistic, and oral-presentation forms.

▪ Language Arts

In Language Arts, students learn English as an exploration of the world around them. Drawing on National Geographic content, the curriculum transforms the learning experience through engaging images, articles, and videos. Students will improve their grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and listening and communication skills through various texts, while also sharpening their technical speaking skills through both functional and situational language interactions.

▪ Drama (G7-8 SP/IP, G9 IP)

Drama class provides students with a truly unique experience in a strong student-centered curriculum. Opportunities to have fun, learn, and most importantly, grow as individuals through working with others as a team, pushes students beyond their own comfort level to be as expressive as possible. With lessons that provide the building blocks for theater, students learn about gesture and expression, stage mechanics and how they can use every facet to improve the audience’s experience of their own performances. The drama class ascribes to the statement of inquiry that states that communication between the audience and the performer is enhanced when performers apply artistic skills and techniques to develop scripted work into realistic scenes.

▪ G9 Lit

Literature for grade 9 students offers two periods a week of in-depth novel studies, aimed at keeping students' reading and discussion skills sharpened while the main bulk of their language studies is to prepare them for their national exams.

▪ Physical Education

In PE classes, the emphasis extends beyond mastering the basic skills of various sports; we also emphasize collaborative learning within a team. Furthermore, the curriculum highlights the incorporation of diverse and recently popular sports, aiming to further boost students' engagement and participation in sports.