Elementary school academic curriculum

International Department: Expand Your World View, Be a Global Citizen

The International Department at Kang Chiao International School Hsinchu Campus emphasizes on nurturing future leaders with international competitiveness. In order to achieve our goal, we have developed four English curriculum values: global perspective, cultural sensitivity, international competitiveness, and interdisciplinary integration. Through English Language Arts, Reading Projects, Kang Chiao Future Skills, and English Village at the core of our curriculum, students develop their own opinions and critical thinking skills on issues around the world across different cultures and societies. We believe that every student can confidently communicate in English and have ownership of learning.

▪ Language Arts

KCIS Hsinchu students follow the Common Core State Standards (CCSS-USA) for their Language Arts. Through our internationally competitive core reading program, it strengthens students' literacy skills which enable them to interpret information, analyze, explain, and express ideas.

▪ Reading Projects & Kang Chiao Future Skills

Reading Projects take students beyond the textbooks. They provide students the opportunity to develop English skills and communicative confidence through reading, genre exploration, group discussion and presentation. Kang Chiao Future Skills apply STEAM activities and facilitate problem-based learning. Students learn through trials and errors, and eventually develop the abilities of critical thinking, problem-solving, and reflection.

▪ English Village

English Village immerses students in life-like situations where they can associate with the authentic language usage needed to deal with real life situations. In English Village, we truly bring the world to the students.

▪ Physical Education

The PE curriculum aims to enhance students' physical fitness while incorporating health education. This approach lays the foundation for children to acquire sports skills and fosters an increased interest in physical activities. Learning language in a relaxed way through physical education classes involves not only mastering the fundamental skills of various sports but also placing emphasis on collaborative learning within a team.